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Frequently Asked Questions
How does it affect?

   The reason why our body succumbs to diseases is the immune system that does not work properly. Radiation is the primary external factor that negatively affects the immune system and causes feelings of weakness and fatigue in the body. The magnetic energy emitted by Merkaba Flower of Life products acts as a shield that protects your body against the harmful effects of radiation. (in open area58% indoors71% It provides protection between rates. on our websitereports You can view it in the section)


​In this way, our jewelry supports the strengthening of your personal magnetic field (aura), your cells, your DNA and your immune system, which is the body's self-healing mechanism. It increases the energy levels of our cells. The strengthened immune system and increased cell energy both defend the body more effectively against possible diseases and accelerate the healing process by supporting the treatment of existing diseases, if any.

NWho is Darkening? How to Clean? Will its energy be affected if we clean it?

    The metal we use in our products is 925 sterling silver. Silver darkens due to its structure. Various plating processes are performed to prevent silver from darkening. However, the materials used in these coating processes contain carcinogenic substances. For this reason, we offer our products in pure silver without plating. You can have our tarnished product cleaned in any jewelery workshop. After the cleaning process, there is no change in the energy emitted by our product.

How do you charge the energy?

    Merkaba Flower of Life products are produced as a result of 10 years of special laboratory studies. It is prepared by transferring the energies of natural volcanic minerals existing in nature to silver ingots. Then, each product is individually handcrafted as jewelry in our special workshop and presented to our customers.

How long does it take for the effects to be felt? Does it have any side effects?

   It shows its effect from the moment it is used. Depending on the biological structure of the user, it takes a maximum of 21 days for the body to reach the ideal level. In the process until this balance is achieved, sleep or insomnia, mild pain in joints and muscles, mild dizziness, acne and sweating may occur as it accelerates the excretion of toxins in the body. These effects disappear after the body reaches its ideal level.

What kind of ailments is it good for?

According to the feedback of our customers who use our product, it has been seen that it is good for chronic weakness, fatigue, sleep disorders, muscle and joint pain, waist, neck and shoulder pain. Our customers with complaints such as diabetes, high blood pressure, migraine and rheumatoid arthritis have reported to us that they received very positive results.

Does it need to be used constantly?

Yes, our products are designed as jewelry so that they can be used constantly. If it is removed, the body will return to its previous state in a very short time.

Does it treat the disease or suppress the symptoms?

Our products support the body's self-healing by strengthening the immune system.

Why 3 months warranty?

Since it takes 21 days for our products to bring the user's body to the ideal level, we provide a 3-month return guarantee so that our customers, especially those with any disease, can see the improvement more clearly and be sure during periodic doctor checks.

How long does the energy of the product last?

Since we use the energy of natural volcanic minerals in our products, its energy is continuous. You can use it for a lifetime and leave it as an inheritance to your grandchildren. There is no decrease in its energy.

What is the difference between Merkaba Flower of Life products and other magnetic jewelry on the market?

Magnets are used to create magnetic energy in other magnetic jewelry offered on the market. There are absolutely no magnets in Merkaba Flower of Life products. Our products are equipped with 100% pure silver and natural energies that are beneficial to human health.

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