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It is known that all living cells have electrical properties. Sensory cells and nerve cells process and modify the electrical impulses transmitted to them to receive and transmit information. It is accepted as a universal principle that all cells, organs, that is, the whole body, are receivers and transmitters of electromagnetic waves, and that our body is controlled by electrical impulses.

More and more of our lives day by day  It has been determined that the electromagnetic waves (RADIATION) emitted by mobile phones, televisions, computers, Wi-Fi modems and electrical household appliances damage the structure of our cells and organs. It is known that the main reasons for the decrease in the age of heart attacks to the 20s, the collapse of the immune system, being sick frequently, the increase in brain hemorrhages, the increase in cancer cases, complaints of chronic fatigue and fatigue, frequent headaches and dizziness are due to the disruption of the magnetic field balance of our body by exposure to radiation. It is invisible to the naked eye  Although it is not taken into consideration because its effects do not appear suddenly, precautions must be taken and treatment must be provided.

The cell's energy and oxygen needs are met as a result of the interaction of electrical currents and magnetic field energy. A disruption in the body's electromagnetic field results in a decrease in cell energy and therefore cell vitality (cell metabolism).

Energy production in the cell decreases with advancing age. In the 35-40 age range, the energy production capacity of the cell is only around 60% - 70%. This negative process continues to accelerate with age. Over time, the efficiency of cells decreases and our body becomes sensitive to many negative effects. The first warning signs are typical mood disturbances and overreactions. In fact, many illnesses and diseases are linked to it.

It has been determined that Merkaba Flower of Life jewelry provides up to 71% protection against radiation in the electromagnetic field measurement results made by BAŞKENT UNIVERSITY in 180 different radiofrequency bands.

Thanks to balancing the magnetic field of the body of the users 

*  Acceleration of cell nutrition and removal of metabolic wastes, thus improving metabolism


*  cell renewal

*  Purification of the circulatory system and thus improving the transport of substances in the body


*  Repair of damaged nerve cells, provision of oxygen needed by cells and tissues, increase in oxygen supply, formation of an improved and more effective immune system with the positive effect on lymphocytes.


*  Improvement of narrowing in blood vessels and regulation of blood flow, accelerating the healing process of wounds.

*  Improvement and harmonious functioning of the regulatory effect of the autonomic nervous system.


*  Improving sleep quality and increasing the production of melatonin hormone.


*  Increased morning performance, strengthening of bone and cartilage tissue.


*  Decreased sensitivity of the stress hormones Adrenaline and Noradrenaline receptors.


Strengthening the muscle and nervous system, regulating the digestive system 


*  Possible effects include accelerating the body's self-healing process by improving intercellular information communication efficiency. 

The effects of our jewelry vary depending on the biological structure of the people who use it, and therefore we give each user a 3-month return guarantee with a 1-month use condition.

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