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A fitter, stronger body andfor a more positive life.


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Health and elegance meeting in one piece of jewelry


 Our jewelry that emits magnetic energy, approved by BAŞKENT UNIVERSITY; Volcanic minerals that exist in nature and emit energy beneficial to human health  It is produced by transferring the energies of 95 different crystals (Amethyst, Agate, Tourmaline, Citrine, Quartz, etc.) to pure silver using Quantum technology.

The "Flower of Life" is an ancient symbol found all over the world. The flower of life, a most fundamental pattern of sacred geometry, encodes the structure of the fabric of our reality. Aesthetic aspect of the work aside, the energy emitted by the Merkaba Flower of Life jewelry loaded with the energies of volcanic crystals; It helps you maximize your potential strength and endurance. It provides up to 70% protection against radiation, accelerates blood circulation by creating a stimulating effect on blood cells, and thus increases our bioenergy level. It helps us live a healthier and more positive life by supporting the regulation of basic life functions such as the immune system, muscle and nervous system, and digestive system.

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Merkaba Flower of Life Necklace
Merkaba Flower of Life Men's ring
Merkaba Yaşam Çiçeği Bileklik.Yaydığı manyetik enerji güç,denge ve esneklik kazandırır.



 *It helps strengthen the muscle and nervous system. It gives strength, balance and flexibility to our body. It helps relieve chronic muscle and joint pain.

  It helps strengthen the immune system and make us more resistant to diseases.

 *  It increases our bioenergy and supports the elimination of frequently experienced problems such as fatigue, weakness and insomnia. It makes us feel good.

 *  It helps the digestive system to get in order. It helps improve your stomach and intestinal disorders and complaints such as chronic constipation.

 *  It accelerates the elimination of harmful toxins from our body and makes us look more alive and vibrant.

 * It helps strengthen and balance our CHAKRAS, the energy centers of our body.

 * It increases concentration and reduces attention deficit.

  It helps you regain your sexual performance, which has decreased due to problems such as stress, radiation and irregular nutrition.

 *  In the electromagnetic field measurement results made by BAŞKENT UNIVERSITY  It has been determined that Merkaba Flower of Life products provide 58% to 70% protection against RADIATION.

  • It does not have any side effects and, according to the feedback of people who use it, it has been shown to be beneficial in many diseases.

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